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Introducing Integral Slant Base®

Integral Slant Base® is a Registered Trademark of Innovative Tile Systems Inc. U.S. Patent No. 7,712,271, other patents pending.

Ceramic sanitary base creates a hygienic method for treating floor to wall tile transitions. Very few floor tile manufacturers produce a sanitary base to match their product. Many of the pieces that are produced can be costly and may not guarantee a perfect match.

The tile industry has found other methods of keeping the floor to wall transition sanitary by using coved stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic strips. While these products create sanitary conditions, they lack in aesthetic value. Inspired by the industry’s need for an affordable base that can match the materials of the room perfectly, we created Integral Slant Base®, or ISB®.

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ISB® is an extruded profile which allows for the creation of sanitary base by using field tile. The installed product produces a surface that is easily cleaned, integral, durable, and water resistant - all at less cost than stainless cove strips and many ceramic sanitary base pieces.

Field tile strips being used as integral base:

  • universally designed to work with field tiles ranging from ¼-inch to ½-inch thick
  • any type of tile (ceramic, porcelain,metal, and natural stone) can be used as the sanitary base
  • by switching the color and/or texture of the slant tile strips, new exciting design options can be created
  • makes base as impervious as the field tile

Adhesive channels:

  • create an easy installation process
  • waterproof the transition
  • add a mechanical bond when attached with thinset

Tubular structure:

  • generates linear strength in the base

Made with PVC:

  • easy to cut
  • lightweight
  • durable
  • resistant to most chemicals

Corner relief:

  • allows profile to fit squarely, avoiding obstructions that may be in the corners of the floor/wall

Flexible leg attachments:

  • help conform the base to irregular walls and floor

Mortar, nail, and screw holes in legs:

  • permits product to be held in place as an additional aid until mortar or adhesive has set
  • creates the opportunity to level the profile

Setting ledge:

  • speeds up wall tile installation by minimizing the need for tile spacers

Dove tails in profile design:

  • creates a mechanical bond between the slant tile and profile



ISB® Strips 1.0 ( 1 inch profile)

1/4” End Caps 1.0 *
3/8” End Caps 1.0 *
1/2" End Caps 1.0 *
Straight Connectors 1.0
Inside Corner Connectors 1.0
Outside Corner Connectors 1.0

ISB® Strips 1.5 (1½ inch profile)

1/4” End Caps 1.5 *
3/8” End Caps 1.5 *
1/2" End Caps 1.5 *
Straight Connectors 1.5
Inside Corner Connectors 1.5
Outside Corner Connectors 1.5

ISB® Tools

  • Reusable Alignment Clips

* 8 colors to choose from:
(colors will vary slightly based on individual screen settings)

White Black Almond Tan
White Jet Black Almond Tan
Brown Charcoal Medium Gray Natural
Brown Charcoal Medium Gray Natural


Click on a photo to see a detailed view. Click on the large photo to come back.

ISB is sold and shipped in 8 foot sections: 10 sections per box with price breaks on pallets. A pallet of ISB contains 32 boxes of the 1 1/2" profile, 35 boxes of the 1" profile.  Partial boxes available for smaller quantities.